Wednesday, 21 October 2009

An intro

It has been ten years since the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle was shut down by tens of thousands of protesters. This moment is still considered by many as the birth of “the movement of movements,” although it actually grew out of a long process of global alliance building. On the streets of Seattle we saw activists from many different struggles combining forces in a display of collective power.

This pamphlet is produced in the midst of the mobilization for the UN climate summit COP15 to be held in December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The COP15 will bring together so-called world leaders, multinational corporations and the biggest NGO's, to sign a deal meant to prevent catastrophic climate change. But while the impact of climate change is already being felt around the globe, the strategies and ideas up for discussion are no more than false solutions that reinforce the interests of the most powerful actors. In reality their plans will only further the expansion of capitalism and colonialism, putting more power in the hands of the few.

With this pamphlet we would like to connect the dots once again: How is the reality, as well as the discourse, of climate change linked with other struggles? Yes, we also feel the clock ticking but we refuse to be rushed into draconian solutions that will only increase inequality and social injustice around the world. This pamphlet looks at climate change from the angles of capitalism, militarism, nuclear energy, gender, migration, labour & class, and food production. We have asked activists from across Europe involved in these various struggles to contribute texts and make the links. Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is but one symptom of a system ravaging our planet and destroying our communities. We hope that this pamphlet can again underline our common struggle; let it inspire us to take massive direct action all around the globe, and to join together in taking control over our lives and real solutions...